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Operational modeling and simulation of an inter-bay AMHS in semiconductor wafer fabrication
by J.A Jimenez, B. Kim, J. Fowler, G. Mackulak, Y.I. Choung, and D.J. Kim Read More
Levels of Capacity and Material Handling System Modeling for Factory Integration Decision Making in Semiconductor Wafer Fabs
by J.A. Jimenez, G.T. Mackulak, and J.W. Fowler Read More
Designing a Sustainable and Distributed Generation System for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs
by S. Villarreal, J.A. Jimenez, T. Jin, and M. Cabrera-Rios Read More
An Analytical Model for Conveyor-Based Material Handling System With Crossovers in Semiconductor Wafer Fabs
by D. Nazzal, J.A. Jimenez, H. Carlo, A. Johnson, and V. Lasrado Read More