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Companies work closely with our industrial engineering (IE) program. Through the IE Senior Design two-semester sequence courses, the cooperative education elective course and the graduate student thesis, our IE students can make valuable contributions to your company.

Vivin's Internship at TESLA's Giga-factory

Helping Tesla accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy

Texas State IE graduate students participate in an internship sponsored by TESLA to help in Industrial Engineering and simulation projects.


Infineon Internship International Program

Texas State IE students work as interns at Infineon Technologies, Germany simulating the supply chain operations for the high-tech semiconductor industry.


Improving Supply Chain Operations in the Food Retail Industry

Featured Thesis: "A data-intensive analysis augmented simulation model of an order picking operation" by Mr. Yue Li (August, 2017).

Be A Bobcat


Dane Bumgardner's experience as a Texas State student and as a Younikos' intern is highlighted by Texas State Be a Bobcat. He was Dr. Jimenez's former IE senior design student.