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Center for High Performance Systems


Traffic Management

CHiPS Evaluates Technology Used for Traffic Management

A $150K grant from NEC America to the CHiPS funded faculty and students to conduct design of experiments to evaluate the NEC's in-vehicle passenger detection technologies.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

2016-2017 Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Texas State Graduate College presented this award to Mr. Thulasi Kannaian for showing tremendous talent, effort, and ingenuity in his graduate studies.

Be a Bobcat

Dane Bumgardner#BeABobcat

Dane's experience as a Texas State student and as a Younikos' intern is highlighted by Texas State Be a Bobcat.

Sponsor Work that Matters

Research Matters

Students Participate in Industry Projects

Companies collaborate very closely with our IE students. Through the IE Senior Design Course and the Graduate Student Thesis, our students can make valuable contributions to your systems.



Texas State IE students are conducting simulation projects targeting the optimization of the TESLA manufacturing operations.


Infineon Internship International Program

Texas State IE students work as interns at Infineon Technologies, Germany simulating the supply chain operations for the high-tech semiconductor industry.



Texas State IE student, Priyanka Basavaraj, worked this summer in Cummins, designing experiments to help the company detect defects in their automotive assemblies.


Improving Supply Chain Operations in the Food Retail Industry

Featured Thesis: "A data-intensive analysis augmented simulation model of an order picking operation" by Mr. Yue Li (August, 2017).

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